Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flowchart to my heart?

Cleaning out my email accounts (keeping busy with small tasks is one of my biggest crutches when avoiding writing) and came across an email from OkCupid. It compiled a flowchart of “the path to my heart” to find out if I would consider dating someone through a series of questions: 

Do you read 12 or more books each year, beyond any required for school  or work?

Would you ever consider being with someone who demands complete control over everything you wear?

Who will be responsible for cooking the meals and cleaning the house? Assume you both work.

Do you believe that women should be allowed to serve in the military in a front line capacity? (i.e. infantry, etc.)

Would you consider living with a partner who does not want any pets?

Kids are?
- Fun
- Taking attention away from me
- The Future
- Annoying

Do you find glasses on the opposite sex attractive?

Debt brought into a marriage should ...
... remain the responsibility of the individual.
... become shared debt.

You are interested in someone, and you discover that they were a nerd in high school. How does this discovery affect your opinion of them?

Would you rather that, when you meet your partner, he/she is complete and happy without you so you can be complete together, or would you rather they were incomplete so that you can come along and complete them?

You are at a busy event when you come across a child who appears to be lost, alone, and distressed. How do you respond?

What would you think of a romantic prospect who uses childish language when being affectionate?

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