Thursday, November 29, 2012

If I could have one (or more) wishes

Two years ago, I shared a holiday wish list

This year, faced with a Christmas that I won’t be spending with my sister (for the first time in her lifetime), and an edict from said sister and my mother that we not buy presents for the adults in the family, but instead give to charity (something I do anyway, but whatever) I am putting together a greedy, me ME ME! wish list, similar to my epic letters to Santa Claus. While the power of positive thinking did not give me winning lottery numbers, perhaps putting my wish list out there will send some good fortune my way. Here it is, from the ridiculous to the achievable.
PS - This is by no means a blatant, pathetic attempt to score gifts. I was inspired by this:

A house on Lake Superior – either somewhere along M64, Misery Bay or on the Keweenaw Peninsula. I’m not picky.

A place where I could create the Elemental Directions garden I’ve been growing in my imagination for years.

More seasons of “Firefly” and “Freaks and Geeks.”

Having Nathan Fillion follow me on Twitter.

A reunion with all my favorite Fishbowl friends.

The opportunity and resources to puppy-sit  my puppy sisters.

A system like this for storing my paperback books:

Something like this in blue (and safe) that I could donate to a certain school district:

A personal trainer/chef who looks this
to help motivate me into better shape.

Sweet-talking my favorite romance authors into letting me interview them for a story about why the world needs romance.

A gift certificate for one year of acupuncture treatments.

“Linda Craig and the Search for Scorpio” by Ann Sheldon. This is a very rare, out-of-print book. Someday it will be mine.

This makes leftover pizza taste like it just came out of the oven.

 A better way to grind my beans:


These to stomp around in at the office:

I’d be happy with just a wee dram of this:

 And chocolate.

Happy Holidays!
What do you want for Christmas?