Thursday, May 17, 2012

Remembering Kathy...

My son and I drove down to visit my Aunt Kathy on Mother's Day in 2009. I made her a Lemon Chiffon Cream Cake and enjoyed spending the day with her. She remained in my thoughts, and I spoke to her again a few weeks later after I used another aunt as a courier to deliver one of Kathy's favorite pizzas. 
Cancer took her from us in July. Writing this helped me heal. I finished it in September 2009.

Still missing you, Kathy and thinking about you, especially today...your birthday.

Looking to the North
It still does not seem possible that someone so full of life is no longer here with us.

We can accept the reality of our loss and find comfort in knowing Kathy’s pain is gone. We have faith in believing she is surrounded by the loved ones who passed before her, but it is still a loss that is more than our hearts can bear.

Kathy was a survivor. One of my favorite memories of her remains the time she flashed me after her mastectomy and reconstruction. She wanted to show me that breast cancer could be survived. I miss the gleam in her golden eyes, her smile and her laugh.

She is my favorite aunt, and I don’t think anyone could begrudge her that title. She was everyone’s favorite because of her love for her family and friends. She lived a life full of good food, chocolate and potent potables. I love sharing her love of reading and cooking. We love her for her sense of humor, her passion, her patience as a teacher, and the home she created that became the southern outpost of The Farm for her extended family.

Kathy was a marvel. She did not mince words...she spoke her mind. I was in awe of the older sister who could keep my mother in line.

A Christmas tradition at The Farm was the pool tracking everyone’s estimate for when Kathy and her family would arrive. It was something to make the time speed by because we so looked forward to seeing them and digging in to her fabulous cookies.

Last summer, while staying in Ironwood, she helped haul firewood. She would not let her diagnosis slow her down when there was work to be done. She was quick to lend a hand to those in need.

Kathy was an amazing mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend and a teacher until the end. She showed us how to live and love in the face of adversity. She tried to hide her pain by making us laugh and smile. Kathy’s grace, her spirit and her courage inspire us.

Her final lesson was to teach us how to face the final step in this journey of life — how to die. She passed away while surrounded by love. Who could ask for more?

Kathy’s obituary said that she was the rock of our family, but she was so much more than that. The North Star is a constant in the night sky. It is easy to find, and helps those seeking direction, guiding the lost home.

Kathy is our North Star.

We have only to look in our hearts and memories to find her. We can continue to seek direction and learn from the lessons she taught us. When it comes time for our journey to end, we may take comfort in knowing that she’ll be there to help guide us home.